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From a butter merchant to a full-fledged transport enterprise with national and international assignments, Transport Roosens Ltd. has come a long way. Care to discover our story? Or become a part of it? Check out our job vacancies for chauffeurs with a driving licence cat. CE.

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Transport Roosens: national & international transport

From butter and eggs…

Transport Roosens emerged in 1932, when Frans Roosens hit the road for the first time to deliver butter and eggs. Back then, people still got around with a horse and a cart. Six years after its first delivery, Roosens had already more than doubled its capacity. Frans was the first in Antwerp to deploy 2 horses and 1 truck! In 1939 the truck was unrightfully confiscated, but after the war, Transport Roosens was allowed to resume its activities with an army truck.

… to animal transportation

In 1945 Jef Roosens, Frans’ son, got married. Under his guidance the company narrowed down to the transportation of animals. By that time already, the fleet consisted of 5 trucks. At the onset of the seventies, Transport Roosens got to deal with a new setback: due to the expansion of the nearby harbor, the company was expropriated.

Growth in Haasdonk

Transport Roosens found a new location for its headquarters: Haasdonk. The move marked a new beginning: Roosens, now guided by Melchior Roosens, was ready for international transport. By then the company counted 15 trucks. 10 years later, Transport Roosens hired 14 drivers and 1 assistant.  

With Stephan Roosens and his partner Karolien, the fourth generation is at the helm of the company’s national and international transport. Roosens’ team of 60 employees, together with its large and modern vehicle fleet, makes sure that your delivery reaches its destination in time.

Want to know more about our national and international transport services? Call us at +32 3 775 01 01 and tell us your needs!