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Whenever you need to transport indivisible, heavy materials or objects with a deviant shape, you’ll need a flatbed trailer. Transport Roosens has got you covered with top-tier flatbed trailers and experienced people to chauffeur them. Nationally or internationally.

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Flatbed trailer transport


Flatbed trailer transport can be used for a range of machines and materials. Roosens’ flatbed trailers are equipped specifically for the transportation of logistic materials (such as forklifts).

In order to run flatbed trailer transport efficiently, our loaders can be equipped with the following options:

  • the flatbed trailers are extensible in height;
  • loading bridges have a carrying capacity of 3000 to 5000 kg;
  • the trailers can be lowered unto the ground.

Safety first

We see to it that every flatbed trailer transport conforms to the most severe safety regulations. On top of those protocols our drivers receive additional training courses on a regular basis.

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