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Transport Roosens Ltd. is specialized in transporting lubricants and other liquids. Our company relies on 3 main principles: personal service, punctuality and safety.

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Tank transport

Firmly equipped trucks

Our fleet contains 5 tank trucks which we use for all national and international transport. Our tank transport machines:

  • are fabricated from stainless steel
  • consist of 1-3 compartments (32.000 – 35.000 liters)
  • are completely isolated
  • sport sterile unloading systems

Reliable tank transport

All of our stainless steel tanks are designed with thorough cleaning in mind. This eliminates every risk of contamination. As an extra safety measure, all tanks are frequently inspected, tested and evaluated by a third party. So whatever your product, it will be delivered safe and sound by Roosens’ tank transport.     

Don’t leave anything to chance, rely on an experienced team for all your tank transport. Contact us by phone at +32 3 775 01 01 or fill in our contact form.