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For Transport Roosens transport services go way beyond delivering a load from A to B. In order to push ourselves even further, we keep investing in our personnel and vehicle fleet.

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Roosens: custom transport services

Modern trailers

As a transport firm we keep modernizing our fleet. Not only because we want to offer you the best possible service, but also because we care about the environment and our employees’ safetyAdvanced on-board computers allow us to track your load at any given moment.

Well-educated personnel

The safety of your load and our personnel is our top priority. That’s why every member of our team receives a supplementary training for flatbed trailer and container transport, in addition to the standard on-the-job training at the Antwerp docks.

At Roosens, more than 50 skilled truck drivers are at the ready for you – every day. This way we ensure that our transport services run smoothly. Care to write your own chapter in our transport story? Have a look at our job vacancies for drivers with a certificate cat. CE.

Quality quarantee

A quality supervisor is in charge of the internal and external processes. We keep track of our operations and evaluate them, so as to be able to optimize and adjust our transport services whenever needed.

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