At Transport Roosens in Antwerp well-trained and skilled hauliers are giving it their all to deliver your goods quickly and smoothly to their (inter)national destinations.

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Transport Roosens in Antwerp: our team of hauliers

Skilled hauliers

Since 2009 all professional hauliers are required by law to obtain a certificate of competence (code 95 on the driving certificate), next to the regular driving certificate. The certificate will be regularly renewed by means of refresher courses. So don’t worry: your load is in good hands.

With a healthy dose of enthusiasm

Each new haulier receives an in-service, on-the-job training at the Antwerp docks. Interested in strengthening our team? Have a look at our job vacancies for drivers with a certificate cat. CE.

Care to find out more about our transport company’s services (e.g. container transport and flatbed trailer transport)? Give us a call at +32 3 775 01 01 or fill in our contact form.

Meet Transport Roosens‘ team

Martina Poppe

Assistant General manager

+32 (0) 3 750 97 81

Peter Van Hul

Ann Ketels

Jan De Bock

Karolien Van Duyse

Annelies De Proft

Assistant invoicing and ordermanagement / Administration

+32 3 750 97 88

Joris Meul

Marleen Apere

Assurances / Purchaser

+32 (0) 3 750 97 85

Thomas Janssens

Patrick Thuy

Peter van de Kerkhof

Chief Executive Officer

+32 (0) 3 750 97 98

Stephan Roosens

Chief Executive Officer

+32 (0) 3 750 97 86

Thomas Baert