Transport Roosens Ltd. is a family business prioritizing a personal connection, which we hope clients and employees alike can feel. We believe individual contact in a pleasant atmosphere is key to any successful cooperation.

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Flatbed trailer or container transport jobs

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To all those who take one of our transport jobs we offer in-service training. You’ll learn how to perfectly fix a load, how to use flatbed trailers to their fullest and much more. In addition, you’ll be offered supplementary training on a regular basis.

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Transport Roosens is always striving to create the very best working atmosphere. We do so by fair, honest and friendly communication and evaluation. As an employee you’ll always be informed about arrangements and appointments, both internally and judiciary.

Interested in one of our transport jobs? Keep tuning into this site for new job vacancies for truck drivers with a certificate cat. CE. Jobs vary between tank transport, flatbed trailers transport, container transport and conventional transport. You’ll be offered a competitive salary.